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Get active in a relaxed
informal atmosphere.

Adults only classes! Suitable for adults of all abilities.

Our Adult Gym classes are a great way to try something new, contribute to any fitness plans and importantly, have fun!

You don’t have to be an ex-gymnast and you don’t need to have ever performed a cartwheel in your life…Just take everything at your own pace.


So, whether you’re looking to improve flexibility, become more agile, build strength or even just learn a few party tricks to impress your friends, Adult Gym is a perfect platform!

What our members say.

“I was very nervous about coming as I had never done anything like this before. Everyone made me feel so welcome to the point where I couldn’t wait to come back! I love the fact I can see the progress each week and the fact I’m doing things I never thought I would ever do in my life. I would definitely say to anyone wanting to come, give it a try you will not regret it!” Emma B

“The class is such a laugh and everyone is so supportive. It helps build confidence and pride in oneself,  it's without judgement plus it's full of accomplishments. The structure of the classes helps everyone progress too! It's something I look forward to every week.”

Emma W


“I've been coming to adult gym since it started up around 2 years ago, at first I came along alone and I was made very welcome immediately by the staff and others. At Athena there's a coach on hand at all sessions to help with everything. We work on a group or personal goal step by step depending on what you want from the sessions, from learning how to roll over, to handstands and flips and tricks. It is an amazing place where I've made so many new friends. If you’re looking for something fun and different that you'll look forward to each week, I couldn't recommend anywhere else!”

Craig H

What happens?


Adult gym classes allow you to work within your own limits and whatever you're comfortable with!

A qualified coach is always on hand for some expert advice, support or encouragement.


The class is suitable for everyone, no matter what ability and will certainly make you feel very welcome.

Who is it for?


Anyone aged 16 and over. No previous experience necessary.

Times & Cost


Tuesdays 8pm - 9pm

Classes are £4 per class.

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